Saturday, March 1, 2008

What's Ahead

Viewing my unforced temporary departure from WoW as a mini-sabbatical of sorts, I've gotten in the mood of thinking what's next again.

I've been for a long time contemplating my desire to write a novel -- a fantasy one of course. I thought Conclave was a good attempt at fantasy, but it was inclined to be terribly cliche. My ideas tend to be lofty with some level of rationality in them, but this in my opinion constricts the level of creativity and eccentricity that is required to evoke good fantasy. I mean, magick has always been irrational.

My knowledge of the fantasy realm is truly limited. I didn't read a lot as a kid, so that's quite a disadvantage especially when time is of the essence. My advantage herein is a unique set of knowledge that has quite propitiously presented itself over my adolescent period. Romance of the Three Kingdoms has always captivated me and so has medieval fantasy. Can these 2 varying eras be merged into a new fantasy world? Yes, why not? Unfortunately there are some who staunchly reject such an appeal. I could never explain why. In fact, during the pre-production phase of the abomination - Stranger In The Mirror, suggestions to have some level of rojak in the story were refuted by my group members.

Anyway in some way or another, being intellectually cleansed of other similar works of fiction can be an advantage to any novelist. Think laureates who reached their level of literary evocation from the depths of post-war caste systems. The important ingredient in my opinion are ideas, which is why I always had some level of respect for History & Theory of Ideas. Unfortunately Year 2 was rather decimating (lolgpa), but through some level of practice over the last 2 years I'm now able to read really fast, grasping ideas from narratives without actually having to fully comprehend the story. So my plan of action is to read as selectively as I can. To say the least, working on Lone Wolf has helped me a lot.

As a disclaimer, I don't intend or have any thoughts of stealing Joe Dever's ideas. In a really brutal fashion, they have been robbed, twisted and exploited over and over again anyway.

I'll be celebrating the first anniversary of this blog in a couple of months. Don't expect much though, I'm completely antisocial to birthdays and what not. What I'll do though is start a series of short stories in attempt to slowly ease myself into the mood for writing. So maybe watch out for that =p

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