Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pendant of the Violet Eye

I couldn't find any source literature that had decent theorycraft regarding Pendant of the Violet Eye. Before getting it a couple of weeks ago and before testing out a key mechanic which no-one has bothered to figure out, it was easily the best trinket available. Here's a brief description:

Let's assume you get 2 casts for each 5 second bloc you get (this includes all spells that cost mana, except I realized Judgement doesn't proc it probably because it doesn't trigger a gcd) This will mean that you will get (2+4+6+8) * 21mp5, totalling 420 mana. 420 mana every 2 minutes equates to 420/24=17.5mp5, which is very good considering 40int implies that:

40 * 1.1 (divine intellect) * 1.1 (bok) = 48.4 int * 15 => 726 mana.
48.4 int * 0.35 (holy guidance) => ~17 healing.
48.4 int / 80 (int:crit) * 22.07 (rating:crit) = ~13 crit rating.

726 mana for a 10 minute fight is => 726 / (600) * 5 = ~6mp5 (12mp5 for 5min)

It's generally the best for the majority of fights imo. Unfortunately as I've tested out, you won't get the last mp5 proc due to the way the buff works...

When you use the trinket, the Trinket 20s expiry buff begins to count. After your first spell is cast, the 'Enlightenment' buff begins. The Enlightenment buff basically keeps track of how many casts have been casted, e.g Enlightenment (6). What happens is that the Enlightenment buff expires along with the expiry buff so it's not logically possible to get the last proc -_-'' This implies that it's only ideal to get 2+4+6 procs, which equates to 10.5mp5~

Maya Final

To be honest, I'm disappointed but relieved at the same time. I finished the assignment 1 hour before penalization, so whatever at least I got it done. It was definitely quite last minute, not absolutely considering I did make considerable advances 2 weeks before but yes, my classmates who've started on theirs 2-3 months before do change the standard (and of course their models were ridiculously imba). Speaking of which, Kenny did mention that DGDD was 'very intense' compared to other courses having the similar module. It's a motivating thing to hear because at least as a class and course we're doing exceptionally well, bar the ideological splits. This can be extremely important in the 3rd year in terms of team synergy and competition imo.

Here's a render of the "complete" version :s

It's not really a drake. Considering that the marking scheme has allotted 10-20% marks just on creativity and concept, it's sacrilege to call it a drake; a pseudo-drake at best. In my report I called it a "Drakirin" hehehe jesus what a lame name. It was a 5min concoction within 52 hours of sleep deprivation, so yeh alright!

Either way I learnt and enjoyed a lot this week, which is a good thing because I was worried that I might not end up liking Maya.

** I just wanted to add that one of the motivations I had this week to have been able to endure the pain was not wanting to see Kenny disappointed. I know it's a bit er-k-ew thing to say but he's too nice lol.

Terence also sent me this really funny email with pics, but I chose the best to post due to loading time (yes I care about YOUR loading time :)). I also think ive seen a few of the others somewhere before.

Also a really kiLLeR pic of Hero (from DBSK) to finish off the week hehe :D.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Maya Update

One day left and I'm stuffing myself with caffeine to make sure I make it across the river...

Monday, July 23, 2007


I actually never thought I would dedicate a post to her, but Yitting has kinda earned my respect. Aside from the Director, she's one of the few lecturers that genuinely care about her students' future prospects.

The ensuing drama following Jeremiah's petition letter to the Director is still set to brew, considering that Mr Lau said that indeed there were 'misconceptions while conceiving this course'. I was obviously very worried about the credibility of this diploma and secondly the relevancy of what I'm learning. Yitting helped alleviate some of my concerns with today's one-on-one dialogue session.

I asked her if I had to get a degree (in the Games Design field) to improve my employability, and she was nearly engulfed in disgust at the fact that I thought a degree was important. She felt that a degree was 99.8% unimportant in terms of employability, but crucial (if not mandatory) if applying for teaching or other government-related occupations. I really don't know if I want to take a degree still. I hope I could get one, not just for the sake of the degree, but learning other stuff and enjoying my youth more at the same time. However, Yitting mentioned that I should _only_ seek college in the US or Japan. I highly doubt Japan is viable considering I don't speak the language or am a FF/anime specialist. The US ends up being very viable but yeh the cost of a degree would be beyond ridiculous. My parents do say that they will pay for varsity, but I really don't want to waste that kind of money... Unless of course I get a scholarship somehow...

For one, at least we're doing Maya because that's _THE_ industry-standard. She expressed her extreme shock that the school actually fitted the PCs with Maya because the cost of each copy is a whopping US$3000.

To be honest, I don't exactly know what field I wish to spec into. The 6 main expertises according to Yitting are: Rigging (skeletonizing), Environment/Landscape design, Texturing, Animation, Storyboarding and Modelling. 4/6 of these specs are literally Maya and Maya only, and that's quite worrying because I'm still not good with Maya...

I'm most interested in Character Design and Development. I hope I can just specialize my efforts into character design, that is, a 2D digitalized sketch translated into a model. I'm most likely going to spam character design for my portfolio... Go Leo!!!!!!!!!!!!! keke ^_~

Friday, July 20, 2007

Submission Weeks INC

I have decided to press my alarm button tonight. I have 4 submissions that I can think of that are due within the next 2 weeks, the most immediate is on the 27th. My strategy is going to be quite simple; minimal TV and no battlegrounds at all these 2 weeks. I'm going to be very selective when it comes to attending raids, which might hurt guild progression x2 with our only shadow priest on a 10-day holiday.

I have a scripting test which scares me a lot because I haven't done shit for Hubert's module. The Acoustic paper should be OK since the lecturers gave us blatant hints and I typed every single word they said on notepad ha.

Right now I'm working on my Dragon, and I've done really only the portion of the head so far.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New crafted-BOP Gems in 2.2

What I'm really really looking forward to in 2.2 are the new crafted-BOP gems. They work like the ring enchants.

Brought to you by

It's a pity that they're unique-equipped but I'm not complaining. Brilliant Bladestone (12int) and Kailee's Rose (26healing) are simply amazing, and I might slot Falling Star (18stam) somewhere considering my blue-hungry gem requirements. This would mean my PVP gem set could use a rearrangement.

[slot:color (bonus)]
Helm: Red (4resi)
Neck: Green (3stam)
Shoulder: Red, Yellow (3resi)
Chest: Red, Red, Yellow (4crit)
Wrist: Yellow (2resi)

These gem slots are a massive headache considering I require more blue than yellow. Of course I could easily ignore all the bonuses, but everything counts I guess. I have roughly decided to use these gems:

Helm: [Kailee's Rose]
Neck: [Timeless Chrysoprase]
Shoulder: [Brilliant Bladestone], [Teardrop Living Ruby]
Chest: [Blessed Tanzanite], [Falling Star], [Teardrop Living Ruby]
Wrist: [Unstable Peridot]

I am intending to forsake the Chest bonus because Falling Star is simply too good.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Paladin Itemization

It's no surprise that Blizzard has chosen status quo in regards to the current Paladin itemization. Initially I wasn't very happy because revamping my gear was a problem, and secondly the drastic change to illumination called for a change in healing style. The change helped me improve my downranking speed a lot because no more can you spam mindlessly while still maintaining a full mana pool, well, that is if you don't have a shadow priest.

I've looked extensively at Paladin loot all the way to Illidan and Archimonde, and also spent some time spying at the gear paladins in top PVE raiding guilds are choosing. Surprisingly to some, DnT paladins (Ryuujin, Xaviera and Kronagan included) are continuing their tradition to keep base crit at a high level (25%~). At the same time, they have very high heal and somewhat decent mp5. I'm just a bit shocked they didn't balance their gems to get mystical skyfire (focus), instead, they socketed destructive skyfire (crit/reflect). I think that's a huge mistake. Right now they're sitting on 1.8k~ heal, 90mp5 and 25% crit.

The loot they're wearing is really the only available ones, unless you take mail or outright druid/priest loot. With their choice of gear, they could reach 2.2k heal, 100mp5 and 25% base crit. Of course, this is assuming you have access to _everything_.

Nihilum for whatever reason have chose to gear Awake/Johnnyr heavily. Possibly because both of them are in their arena team, or maybe because they're officers (kek). Both of them sit on 2.2k heal already, but are 80mp5~and 21% crit. This is evidence that in PVE you are largely pigeon-holed towards a certain set of gear, especially for healers. Gems and non-class specific loot enable players to deviate from the standard stat configurations, but otherwise you will end up wearing what Blizzard whats you to wear.

There is a 'new-age' healadin that completely ignores crit (as best as possible), but stacks mp5, then +heal. Currently I am somewhat a manadin (lol) sitting on 1.6k heal and 150mp5. Ragnor mentioned that some paladin managed to stack up 250mp5 raid buffed. This is entirely possible. One of the great advantages I have as a manadin is Talasite Owl, which alone is 29mp5 max and on average 25mp5 (oh I'll write a bit about the new JC-only gems later). It's going to be a bit annoying though when it comes to BT and Hyjal considering I'm already having problems selecting gear in SSC. Mind you I haven't got a single item from SSC yet, because I'm still in the eternal struggle to choose a fixed gear configuration.

For example, should I take Tempest-Strider Boots ( or Boots of Courage Unending ( Assuming I take Tempest only after all shamans have one, the practicality of the manadin build becomes questionable. To be realistic, one would have to take the latter. And I think that's the case I'm dealing with. Should I be a rash realist or a cautious idealist? Maybe it's best to be a cautious realist.

The other ongoing issue is gemming and enchants. Hell, getting pigeonholed is one problem, having too much variety is another (-.-")! However, I am certain I will continue to use mystical skyfire, and therefore assuming I get 4p T6 (-helm), blessed adamantite bracers and girdle of hope, I'm ending up with 1 metagem slot, 5 blue slots and 6 yellow slots. So I'm intending to get 5 royal blabla whatever the 11/2mp5 ones are, 4 10 crit gems and 2 greens gems - possibly rune covered chryoprase and 5int/2mp5 one. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS =D

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Patch 2.2

Significant changes are ahead. The addition of DoT damage reduction to resilience is a noticeable buff, but in the smaller brackets DoTs are simply too cheap to cast. It's stupid when a good warlock spams you with rank1 DoTs and drains you, leaving you no choice but to waste even more mana dispelling. If life/mana drain were nerfed somehow, the smaller brackets would smell less of warlocks.

What I'm rather excited about is the new healing shield. The AC buff from Triptych is very very significant, providing up to ~4% phy dmg reduction. I tried to get on the PTR to try-on its model but yep the copy has taken more than 2 days.

Also despite dedicating 4 hours to a full kara clear tonight, Prince refused to drop his cape again. It's shocking they didn't add a significantly upgraded cape for Paladins until Illidan.

I'm quite shocked that bosac is going to be on a 1min CD. It's such a drastic move. Paladins have even lesser micro now. I think it's going to be very noticeable especially when priests already have so many things to do. Freedom is also going to be 25s instead of 20s, which will make an annoying difference. However this will barely makes Paladins less dominant in the arena scene.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


When it comes to buying albums, you expect the cheapest from me. Considering how easy it was to download mp3s, buying albums was a really stupid thing to do. I remember selling pirated CDs at 5 bucks each and sold 20 or so in sec2 lol. At some point, I had 27gb worth of mp3s and had nearly 400 AYU tracks, including all her singles, all her nonstop megamixes and remixes, bar some extremely rare ones. It's hard to say whether I was really a fan of any artiste with the amount of underground work I was doing with their music. In stoic defense, I stand by the fact that I like the music not the artiste. Anyway, it all came crashing down anyway when the drive died. I believe it did some psychological damage to me.

I think it was Karl who first introduced Ayumi Hamasaki to me in 1999? when she released LoveAppears. I believe that album had Fly High, which made her very popular. It wasn't until Seasons and Evolution when Ayumi really murdered the music industry. They are still very very good.

Her ayu-ro-mix and ayu-trance albums were all top notch. The Ayu-mi-x series (nonstop) was also quite good, but V was quite disappointing. It's amazing how DJs like Above & Beyond (aka Oceanlab), Ferry Corsten, Rank1, Warp Brothers etc even get to work with her music. I remember Tiesto saying that the trick to Vocal Trance was exotic vocals. I guess Ayu was that.

It's hard to say which of her remixes is the best. I still love Surreal (Dub's Floor Mix Tranceport 006) and Unite (Airwave Club remix). The entire Ayu-Trance 3 album was insane, but the best in there imo is Voyage (Dirt Devil's Remix).

Anyway here is the music video of Evolution!

Also a kawaii video of her nearly forgetting her lines on Voyage, again!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth 7.7.7

The idea behind the LiveEarth concerts is quite radical. The 8 concert locations represent the continents on Planet Earth: Hamburg, New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro and London. The artistes involved range from the legendary to elite performers and freshies. Madonna did the theme song for the LiveEarth event. It's called Hey You but it's not really great.

Critics claim the concerts to be a waste of resources and hypocritical, but I disagree to some extent. It is propaganda'ish considering the target audience is _everyone_, including the very young. But I believe the young have a larger role to play than adults. Babyboomers to Generation X and Y are simply too lazy; we have lived in such procrastination and expedience for so long to get our asses on the move. That is not to say we have an excuse to shirk off all responsibilities as the exclusive species on this planet.

LP was at the Tokyo LiveEarth concert and Chester *hugs* did so well as usual ^_~

Mikey screwed up a key early :P

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nihilum VS Millenium

It's not new news that Nihilum was trashed (quite literally) 5-nil in the SK Gaming ESWC 2007 Grand Finals. Millenium, the easoned arena team that gave credibility to Druids by renaming Moonkins to Doomkins.

Being the top PVE guild in World of Warcraft ever and surpassing the fame of Elitist Jerks and Death and Taxes, Nihilum has some weight to carry. It isn't a large surprise that Nihilum didn't win, but I am personally surprised that they didnt surprise the arena-goers. Surprise surprise.

Well at least we got a picture of Kungen and Awake lol.

For one, Nihilum played a really iffy setup -Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Doomkin. Millenium played the heavily-lauded team of Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Elemental shaman. When you cover the team names, it doesn't take more than a few seconds to expect the latter to win.Of course their achilles heal was still the lack of experience. Perhaps the lack of their custom mods hindered their best performance, and I do think they didn't perform their best.

One of the controversies surrounding this matchup was Nihilum's exception of their gear. Although they are 2nd in their battlegroup, much of their prowess could be due to gear. Anyhow, some face was lost. At least they didn't back down on the appearance. That reminds me of Nikita Khrushchev backing out Russian fleets during the Cuban missile crisis when he sent them there to "scare" the U.S.

Note: You can find a poor and incomplete video of the match-up on Youtube.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Star Spangled Banner

Sorry I've been really busy with everything so I couldn't update my blog as often as I did. I do have a number of interesting posts in draft-mode, but I did stumble on a MASSIVE blooper this week.

At the same time I concluded that Whitney's version (live) of Star Spangled Banner was clearly THE best. Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Yolanda Adams, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken , etc. barely came close.