Friday, July 25, 2008

Back to WoW

I'm quite satisfied with my work this week. I had two fantastic presentations for 2 separate modules despite deliberately not attending 1 test for another module. I think a lot of my classmates thought I went nuts for not taking the test considering it was worth 5% of marks for our final year project. Let's put it this way, I didn't attend so many of her classes and I don't really think I deserve to take the test anyway. Aside from that, in my personal opinion, the module sucked. Some people may like to be involved in theater and drama, others just like to watch theater and drama, give me a break ya? I'm just that introverted, eat that. Either way I only feel bad because I do think Joyce is a nice person, I just dislike her lesson outline and I did her a favor by self-exempting myself from her lessons heh.

So Mu'ru is probably going to die this week I hope. It's great to have some progress after so many months of stagnation. I have not really geared myself to the level I expect yet but I'm slowly getting there. I'm quite excited about gearing myself because my gear optimization received hours of thought and reiteration. In a way it's still in the concept stage and I'm always testing the numbers out on paper when people are wiping.

"+Heal is as good as if not better than Haste."

That was basically the initial hypothesis and indeed it stands. In fact in most cases +Heal will always be theoretically AND practically better than haste. I'm not going to paste the numbers here because it'll just make my blog look too jargon'ish, but feel free to email or post questions here. There is still the question of crit. It's an excruciating stat to talk about because like most Paladins say, crit is RNG. No doubt I agree, which was why I decided to try something else. Having said that, crit is still a potent powerful stat for MT healers in particular and I should say that having 1 crit paladin in the raid is ideal.

Notes: Armory Nhomak (vodka) to see a max haste Paladin.

I've received numerous enquiries about haste for arena. To be honest, I think it's rather weak. Its potential lies in having haste stacked. But it's hard to stack haste because you will have to sacrifice gargantuan amounts of stam and resilience. On top of that, you may have to forego a significant amount of +heal and most importantly Mp5. My experience in arena tells me how haste would not be greatly useful. If you have CoT on you, you can't drop a decent heal period. So haste is only really useful for healing through 1. Ping, 2. Fast switches, 3. Crap mages/locks, 4. Perhaps conserving a tiny more mana via drink-exploit or FoL spam. All of which have valid and strong counter-arguements. So at the end of the day MP5/Heal (Zilea) or +Heal (in Zyori's case) builds still remain the most powerful. DO NOT stack crit if that's all I may advise.

Oh yes, I might start a Gameriot blog for real. I've drafted some really interesting topics so catch that out.

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