Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jaime Maussan UFO Conference 2005

Due to popular demand, I decided to revive Jaime Mausan's UFO Conference. I found the video on video Google a year ago and it's still there! The entire video is very long, 1 hour 33 minutes. I believe it was broken down into 10 segments on YouTube, just search Jaime Mausan and you'd most likely find them.

This is Part 1 (YouTube version):

Full video Google version:

Some captures in the video are dubious but some are mind blowing. Jaime Mausan is a slow speaker so it gets rather draggy, but enjoy.

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cyper said...

that really makes me wonder, thoes images are amazing.The one at the end is really clear yet u cant make it out. Iv seen stuff like that when i have been out in the bush with my mates.The object moved in such a way where it could not of been a star cuz a star wouldent change its trajectory like that but also couldent be a plane for the same reason plus the speed it was moving was astounding. Thing is tho light can do some pretty amazing stuff, guess we will know in time to come. I just hope im alive to see it happen.