Monday, October 22, 2007

2.3: A Different Approach

So it's been roughly a week since 2.3 and I've been thinking hard about new possibilities. Retribution has been buffed very VERY significantly in PVE, no joke about it. Grant from Blood Legion already tops DPS on select encounters, and fairs very well in general, but of course his gear is ridiculous. However, you require Seal of Blood to get that kind of DPS... in other words if you're not a blood elf you should remain a healbot or you could be an Avelynn. Some on the pally forums have suggested adding a quest-line that rewards SoV and SoB, but what kind of retard will want SoV lol

Oh I just want to off-rant about how priests/druids are getting a 40-50mp5 buff in 2.3. If you do not already know, super mana potions equate to 100mp5 (2400/120*5). On the other hand paladins get a significant nerf punch on blessing of light scaling, which is pretty disgusting. Either ways, I'm actually beginning to appreciate the new T5 2p bonus:

(2) Set: Each time you cast a Judgement, your party members gain 50 mana.
(note: The old bonus which gives 350 additional armor to devo is far from shit)

imp. SOTC 2.3:
The new imp SOTC increases melee and spell critical strike on the target by 1%/2%3%. I'm actually serious about getting it - alongside with imp BOM. You could simply use rank1 sotc since holy dmg is virtually useless and the new 2p T5 bonus actually makes casting judgements beneficial to the entire group.

imp. BOW:
I remember Milynn dissing me off for not getting imp bow when Ascendancy was still around. I have included it in my new concept build. 20% on bow means 41mp5 to 49mp5 - 8mp5 gain. It's very significant. In my previous thread I debated that 1mp5:9healing, in other words, imp bow essentially increases healing power of the healers by 72!

Precision 2.3:
I actually got Precision for Season 1. It wasn't shit but definitely not as useful as 8% more armor. But now with Precision having 3% spell hit as well, it's indispensible for PVP. HOJ resists are seriously fucked up. I just don't get why Blizzard made stun resist mechanics so prevalent, HOJ is almost not even worth casting against priests, warriors, rogues and especially orcs (hence you dont see any decent paladin with imp hoj). Also, lvl 70 PVP allows for at most 3% hit mitigation, which makes Precision almost too perfect!

imp. LOH:
Is it good? Yes, it's hella good but unfortunately 40mins on LOH is still too severe. I don't know why 1 hour cooldowns are still in the game. It doesn't really makes sense. It's probably more convenient to wipe a raid and redo the fight than letting a paladin cast LoH and lose 8k mana just to save an unlucky tank. If anything, imp LOH should reduce the mana lost. Right now, imp LOH only seems remotely useful when you cast it before a fight starts just to keep the AC buff up. I still included it in my upcoming concept PVE build.


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