Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Laurelle gave me a tip-off on 2.2's release that Pendant of the Violet Eye apparently has a bug. I went nuts trying to confirm it because apparently Blizzard changed the way how mp5 works. According to Xinhuan, Blizzard immediately returns you mana on a mp5 change, which could possibly lead to the occurrence of this bug.

Basically, right now each heal you pull off grants the Enlightenment buff twice. As far as Paladin goes, HL/FOL/HS will apply 2 Enlightenment Buffs per cast, whereas non-heal spells such as Blessings, Dispel, Seals etc will apply 1 buff. Weird? I guess... My record number of Enlightenment buffs so far is 22, but this was with multiple focus procs along with 1 scarab. Let's do the math:

(22 x 21) / 120 * 5= 17.5mp5

However, you're only very likely to get 14-16 procs, which means you may end up receiving 12mp5 from it. Still rather good with the 40int tagged with it.

Anyhow I just wanted to share how I solved the mp5 problem. I noted down my in-combat mp5 tick (per 2s) which is displayed by SCT. Then I used the trinket and began casting. I noted down every mana tick till the 20 seconds ended. So on my notepad I ended up:

mana per tick while in-combat: 48-49
mana ticks during trinket use: 92, 96, 112, 137, 182, 207

So I solved it using algebra whereby: a=21, b=48-49,

92 = 2a + b
96 = 2b
112 = 3a + b
137 = 2a + 2b
182 = 4a + 2b
207 = 3a + 3b

Total: 14a + 11b

Therefore 14 Enlightenment procs, 294mana! Oh also, Illumination has been effectively detagged from the mp5 display on Character screen, which solves past issues!

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