Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Resume

So we've been instructed to compose a resume for our work attachment. As of now, approx 14 companies have been shortlisted, and only 30 or so students in my class of 38 will be selected and assigned. The unlucky 8 will be siphoned into lmao jobs such as promoters for nokia (which isnt all too bad), charity work etc. We have been told to rank our preferences, and I placed Rapture Gaming and AsiaSoft as my top 2 choices. I really hope I get into either, but this would mean I have to fight for it. Basically, the drums of war have begun.

Anyway epic aside, I tried to dump as much relevant stuff into my resume, and to be honest it's not looking too bad, especially considering it's my first time doing one. To make up for the fact that I have literally no work experience, I put in every MMO I have had alpha/beta tested. Reason being I would like my employer to know that this is what I've been doing my entire life, and this is something that I cherish and love. It's a big deal to me =\. What's really interesting for myself was recalling all the dates I played all of them, up to 20 mmos. Fortunately, I could easily check my e-mail for my subscription dates. Quite an impressive and nostalgic feat really.

I'd be putting my resume up as soon as I'm confident it's good enough for public view. Adios

P.S Been really busy lately.

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