Saturday, November 17, 2007


The size of ZA is actually small. The level designers obviously tried to make it as comprehensive to players as possible. Normally, an idiot like myself would take 2 months to learn the map. This time I didn't get lost at all when soloing one of the exploration quest lines. In a way that's really nice. I really appreciate the instance as a whole. From someone who is about to enter the games industry, the quality of texturing and artwork is subpar, but that's the way the game is and it's no doubt that WoW has made a revolutionary statement regarding the artistic stereotype.

Difficulty-wise ZA is easy for geared players. I imagine 1-2 fights being challenging for undergeared players, but otherwise wipes should be minimal for any guild in BT/hyjal. It's quite an issue. I wouldn't expect being able to learn and kill Zul'jin witin 15minutes? Quite lame, but it's largely because we were too geared and the fact that the instance had to be released so late into the game. At some level, Blizzard did intend the instance to be for more casual players, but making a fool out of Zul'jin has been amusing to say the least.

Malacrass is easily the best fight imo. It takes some coordination and common sense to get it right, something like Moroes. A holy priest effectively makes the fight a complete joke, and a couple of resto shamans can be silly fun. Concentration aura for casters is also vital. You can read the strat here.

Anyway if you're a healer looking for loot, I highly recommend Tome of Diabolic Remedy. Quite imbalanced for PVE and PVP. The other loot I want quite badly is Enamelled Disc of Mojo but it appears every healer wants it, even prot pallies!

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