Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Resolution

A lot has been happening in school, at work, in WoW. It's haphazard but I'm dealing with them quite well. I have been ignorant about troubles at school because I don't want to be part of the cesspool. It's something that I've shunned for quite a while because it's not my cup of tea anymore. I've played 17 MMOs and studied in 6 institutions, I'm sick of office politics. But this is the deal: I've kept my opinions under the carpet for a while and now I have finally used my voice when I felt it was most needed. Who wants to be a Millionaire enthusiasts know that a key strategy to win is to save lifelines till the very last moment. Undoubtedly, I had to execute my opinions at the right time, to the right persons and under the right circumstances and in the most rationale manner. It looks like I had entered the danger zone, picked up epic loot and got out of it without being ensnared.

My official ITP with Ksatria Gameworks ends tomorrow. It has been a wonderful journey. I have witnessed raw team synergy, dedication and solid player skill. I was largely soft-spoken because I didn't know my place. They're all so good and have inspired me to work harder and learn more. Some of them are so pro, especially Cedric the imbalanced. He's like the patriarch of the company, the untouchable and revered. Raymond my supervisor is pro too! I know I've been naughty and late a number of times, but I'm working on it! =p

This year my resolution is not too much to ask for. I'm going to attempt to juggle work, school and arena. This week we managed to pierce into top 5 5v5 again. It doesn't mean much really. We're one of the strongest 2345 teams but the latest comps completely nullify burst attempts. Fortunately I think we're beginning to be able to counter trifecta teams after losing so many points to low-rated ones. Anyhow, there is a high chance I won't be raiding as a full-time raider anymore and believe me when I say I still loathe the fact that Paladins require PVE gear to perform in 5s.


Cedric said...

I feel so old when i read this ;) But what do you mean by "the imbalanced" ? :)

Leon said...

lol hi. imbalanced means overpowered, like how some bosses in games are overpowered :p

Cedric said...

lol :)
Ok because the dictonnary was giving me totally opposite definition, :)
By the way, welcome back to Ksatria ;)