Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fury of Sunwell

I've been back to PVE again. I'm having problems coping with the late hours and I've missed a lot of classes. It's just been 2 weeks and I already want to take a step back.. A huge part of the problem is the difficulty scaling of bosses past Kalecgos. I'm not saying they're impossible or are unimaginably difficult to kill, but for example Brutallus and Felmyst have 23k bursts and I'm not sure if main tank healers are expected to heal it up. A lot of people are blaming Sunwell Radiance, I disagree. Case-in-point, the bosses hit too hard. Felmyst's corrosion needs to be nerfed and Brutallus needs to have a insertion time to prevent him from hitting 15k and 8k within 0.2 seconds. The only solution to such bursts are having more healers spamming so somehow a heal lands between 0.2s but yeah, that IS rng... Soccer only has 11 moving players and already so much rng is involved. It's a massive undertaking to organize 25 people, to lead them, to understand them, to rectify them, to see improvement, to see it all syncing. It can happen but only the top 0.001% can achieve this at an acceptable rate, if at all. Elementium has achieved it to some extent but not enough, not enough.. for the final 2.

I woke up feeling lost and depressed yesterday. My bio-clock is going a bit crazy, I think. Another theory is because the people I've been playing with for long hours (hardcore PVEers) have distinct mentality differences from PVPers. I have to say I'm culture shocked. Some people said Milynn was too hardcore too strict too rigid, I never agreed and I won't, because he was not. Kron is a bit crazy ever since he left DnT too, it's a mentality issue really. In a way the negativity during raids was something like Kyvaan who just snapped. This is the fury of PVE.

Twin Eredars is not a difficult fight at all, just rng. I'm still pissed we got to 10% and failed because cert died. It was a bit my fault because I knew cert was going to take much damage and was ready to drop a holy light but the burst.. at the same time everyone else missed the heal too.. But in retrospect we ultimately spent 7 hours in there.. So stupid..

Mu'ru is going to be worse and I'm not sure if I want to participate this much. Mekon, GM of SK-Gaming said of Mu'ru:

"Without doubt the best designed encounter Blizzard have made since Naxxramas. M'uru / Entropius is the hardest non blocked fight ever made no question. It is perfectly tuned, you cannot make a single mistake and need a flawless strat. It's a really fun and intense fight that allows all classes to play an active roll rather than sitting and spamming. I'm really not sure how many guilds are capable of killing it, the amount of dps you need is crazy and the healing is soo tight because you cant use many at all. I'm really proud of everyone in the guild and the effort they have put into this, it was well deserved. Looking forward to the race on KJ now!"

This was not the PVE I wanted. The difficulty is capped too high. As game designers Blizzard should know that playability =! hours of rng. I have 350 days of played time, I have 150k lifetime kills, Lambert is now the highest rated player on Blackrock, I spend more time than anyone else duelling, I do theorycrafting during insomnia, I draw spreadsheets, I read forums during classes but it's not enough... why do this to me and others..? I didn't get to see Kel'Thuzad under the same circumstances and believe me it's not an issue with being burning out, some bosses are just too difficult for 99% of guilds even if they're given the time...

I'm running out of time to raid 6 hours a day until Eredars... Muru... and KJ are down. There is skill involved but that doesn't mean it's necessarily fun. I take every fight seriously - I use consumables, I give my all but 1 mistake from any member is a wipe already... I don't blame people for mistakes, everyone makes mistakes and they must learn from it, but video game is not real life; UI, latency, com specs cannot be changed overnight. Some people just have poor UI and can't deal with so much crap, so that means more wipes and more time and more frustration... Mu'ru will be even more unforgiving and KJ would be unimaginable.. Maybe being top 0.0001% PVE is not my cup of tea.

I love you Episkey.


Anonymous said...

Lets quit raiding and 2v2 Leo, double shockadin is where it's at..

Anonymous said...

Hi - I just chanced your blog as I was going through trinkets for paladins.

A brief introduction - have always been a hardcore gamer hidden in a nub player's body.

First of all - thanks for the insight on the Pendant of the violet eye.

Recently I've got myself (the first time) into a BT/MH guild and we're trying Kalecgoz at the moment after clearing BT/MH. Your posts rings some form of spiralling
depression on excellence - the innate frustration to the responisbility of working as a team to attain success is almost unbearably demanding.

I think that's normal.

But persevere on and take it with a pinch of salt(hardest thing to do IMO, but IRL, life's like that too so know that you are learning a valuable lesson with this)

Sorry for wall of text - Just thought I'd give a heads up.

Parishealton (don't laugh)