Sunday, August 12, 2007

Resilience Cap?

Well so yes, there have been suggestions that Resilience does cap at around 500. Please do not misunderstand me like any other noob who goes "but I have 550 resilience!". Resilience appears to cap at 12.5% crit reduction and 25.0% crit damage reduction. Technically, this puts the Resilience cap at 494, but since Idejder (TAO priest and class designer) mentioned on IRC last night that 500 resil is the cap, that may be more accurate (12.67/25.35).

Someone on the forums did reply with a stat test but there are some issues with it atm. I might get someone to test it out soon.

Perhaps the importance of this discovery is whether it's a coding mishap or an intentional design feature. If let's say the programmers coded in such a way that 493 is the cap for ratings, then would this also apply to crit and hit rating? On the other hand why would Blizzard put caps on gear bonuses? I personally think it's a coding error but it's going to take a classic 12 months to get fixed...


empathogen said...

a reliable source on irc confirmed today that resilience caps out at 12.5% and that there is currently no purpose to adding resilience beyond 492.5 :]

Leon said...

If your source is really reliable, then it also confirms that 39.4 resi = 1%, and then rounded up.

Theoretically, 40resi = 1% but as we all know the exact number seems to be 39.43(±0.01) = 1% instead. If 40 resi was indeed 1%, then 500 (12.5 * 40) would be the theoretical cap.

However, if we use 39.4 as the prime number, we get 39.4 * 12.5 = 492.5 ~ 493.0.

This implies that you should get 493 resilience.