Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Final Assignment for AMG

So horrible. I spilled 1 medium-sized drop of apple juice onto my keyboard and Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys are dead. Also for w/e reason Right Shift is dead as well. I am using "Key Remapper" atm so I'm slightly getting used to this.... I'm not too sure how Acer processes services since my laptop's warranty card has expired.

Well at least I finished AMG (Audio & Music for Games) if not I'd be beyond frustrated. The uncompressed .AVI is actually 884mb large but somehow I managed to compress it to 20~mb .WMV movie. I have uploaded it on Youtube so everyone can see it. I'm sure Mike and Shaun are a bit fanatic as I am for this final assignment because a lot of hardwork was put into it. Also the tracks are all WoW and TBC soundtracks, except for 1 which is from D2 =)

Anyway holidays are coming in 1.5 weeks so I can't wait... I know I did substandard assignments for this sem so I'm going to have to buck up next sem :s

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