Monday, September 17, 2007

4p T5

Didn't actually think I would have gotten it today but I did. The bonus lives up to expectations - overpowered beyond theoretical examination. It really isn't easy for one to understand how much of a difference 0.25s (250ms) is until you try it. Well theoretically, 1.75/2.00 is a 14.3% speed increase, which essentially means you heal 14.3% more. Some may say so what, you may be overhealing, but in practice that speed increase is becomes even more critical when there are other stuff you have to do.

I'm not entirely sure what I should hoard for in BT/hyjal. It's very hard to say. The DKP system is also slightly different this time, whereby Xinhuan has created a 3-tiered factor cost system. For example, bracers/belt/boots etc cost 1x, neck/rings 2x, and set pieces 3x. Anyway, I'm most likely saving for the spell haste pieces and probably, if eventually, crystal spire. In other words, I may be going hard on spell haste, speaking of which, a Paladin could get 196 spell haste in plate-only.

With 4p T5 and 196 spell haste, holy light would have a 1.556 cast time, which is woo 50ms :D Maybe I could actually heal like gospel and kron now ^_^


empathogen said...

come do 2s with me on johnny's paladin, i want a gladiator mount too ^.^

Leon said...

according to some of my sources, there are 15k+ 3v3 teams currently, which means 75~ teams might be entitled for gladiator