Monday, September 3, 2007

"Why is Ming in China?"

This is from Volk's blog:

"Some of you may have heard already some of you may not have. The real reason Ming is currently in China is to meet his "3rd Eye" to his little sharingan or w/e the **** u call it.

Apparently the girl in question is the girl he has been speaking to on MSN for a while now and she is an avid WoW fan and loves Ming's blog. 1 thing lead to another and it turns out Ming has actually proposed marriage to her so she can get residency in the US, she has accepted the proposal and the 2 plan to get married in the next few days.

According to my sources it isn't "real" love but Ming has supposedly said hes going to try and make it work. Expect an incoming blog from him in the next few days. Just thought id spoil it."

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Anonymous said...

Ming has no balls