Friday, September 21, 2007

The DJ List

You may have heard of the site. They basically do a community vote annually to crown the best DJ of the Year. Of course to no surprise, Tiesto is still number 1, but I do believe that Armin will take the coveted title in no time. You can view the current list @

I do see many of my favorites there. Above & Beyond (aka Oceanlab, Dirt Devils, Jono Grant) is _exceptionally good_, so are Gabriel & Dresden (aka Motorcycle), Cosmic Gate, Marco V, Rank 1, Blank & Jones etc. Ferry is slightly overrated, he can produce good and bad tracks, but I do distaste Paul Oakenfold :s

I'm regularly asked why Tiesto is so easily hailed the best trance DJ in the world. Well to be really accurate, you simply can't say any one DJ is the best. In some way or another anyway, Tiesto has kinda deviated from his old style back from the Magik Muzik days, which kinda sucks because that was what created him, not the mainstream progressive mass-music you hear all the time now, which in all honesty, is frownalicious.

I do take a lot of attention to really /exotic/ types of trance, and Tiesto in particular is very good at producing ridiculous sounds. In My Memory was insane at its time, and it did (very characteristically) carry over to Love Comess Again. A range of vocabulary can really help express what you hear. Enrapturing? Enchanting? I dunno, I love something different, hence I've been listening to a lot of Russian techno-trance lately. Think TATU - All The Things She Said.

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