Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New crafted-BOP Gems in 2.2

What I'm really really looking forward to in 2.2 are the new crafted-BOP gems. They work like the ring enchants.

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It's a pity that they're unique-equipped but I'm not complaining. Brilliant Bladestone (12int) and Kailee's Rose (26healing) are simply amazing, and I might slot Falling Star (18stam) somewhere considering my blue-hungry gem requirements. This would mean my PVP gem set could use a rearrangement.

[slot:color (bonus)]
Helm: Red (4resi)
Neck: Green (3stam)
Shoulder: Red, Yellow (3resi)
Chest: Red, Red, Yellow (4crit)
Wrist: Yellow (2resi)

These gem slots are a massive headache considering I require more blue than yellow. Of course I could easily ignore all the bonuses, but everything counts I guess. I have roughly decided to use these gems:

Helm: [Kailee's Rose]
Neck: [Timeless Chrysoprase]
Shoulder: [Brilliant Bladestone], [Teardrop Living Ruby]
Chest: [Blessed Tanzanite], [Falling Star], [Teardrop Living Ruby]
Wrist: [Unstable Peridot]

I am intending to forsake the Chest bonus because Falling Star is simply too good.

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