Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maya Final

To be honest, I'm disappointed but relieved at the same time. I finished the assignment 1 hour before penalization, so whatever at least I got it done. It was definitely quite last minute, not absolutely considering I did make considerable advances 2 weeks before but yes, my classmates who've started on theirs 2-3 months before do change the standard (and of course their models were ridiculously imba). Speaking of which, Kenny did mention that DGDD was 'very intense' compared to other courses having the similar module. It's a motivating thing to hear because at least as a class and course we're doing exceptionally well, bar the ideological splits. This can be extremely important in the 3rd year in terms of team synergy and competition imo.

Here's a render of the "complete" version :s

It's not really a drake. Considering that the marking scheme has allotted 10-20% marks just on creativity and concept, it's sacrilege to call it a drake; a pseudo-drake at best. In my report I called it a "Drakirin" hehehe jesus what a lame name. It was a 5min concoction within 52 hours of sleep deprivation, so yeh alright!

Either way I learnt and enjoyed a lot this week, which is a good thing because I was worried that I might not end up liking Maya.

** I just wanted to add that one of the motivations I had this week to have been able to endure the pain was not wanting to see Kenny disappointed. I know it's a bit er-k-ew thing to say but he's too nice lol.

Terence also sent me this really funny email with pics, but I chose the best to post due to loading time (yes I care about YOUR loading time :)). I also think ive seen a few of the others somewhere before.

Also a really kiLLeR pic of Hero (from DBSK) to finish off the week hehe :D.


Wei Song said...

*Pisses over leon's blog* Haha look at that fugly weird thing. You are no match for my mighty mechwarrior

Leon said...

Hehe wanna go star in "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance 2"?. I've found the perfect girl to match you up. She looks like erm, you know, the girlfriend of erm whom you know.

mike said...

lol u mean the autistic person?