Saturday, July 14, 2007

Patch 2.2

Significant changes are ahead. The addition of DoT damage reduction to resilience is a noticeable buff, but in the smaller brackets DoTs are simply too cheap to cast. It's stupid when a good warlock spams you with rank1 DoTs and drains you, leaving you no choice but to waste even more mana dispelling. If life/mana drain were nerfed somehow, the smaller brackets would smell less of warlocks.

What I'm rather excited about is the new healing shield. The AC buff from Triptych is very very significant, providing up to ~4% phy dmg reduction. I tried to get on the PTR to try-on its model but yep the copy has taken more than 2 days.

Also despite dedicating 4 hours to a full kara clear tonight, Prince refused to drop his cape again. It's shocking they didn't add a significantly upgraded cape for Paladins until Illidan.

I'm quite shocked that bosac is going to be on a 1min CD. It's such a drastic move. Paladins have even lesser micro now. I think it's going to be very noticeable especially when priests already have so many things to do. Freedom is also going to be 25s instead of 20s, which will make an annoying difference. However this will barely makes Paladins less dominant in the arena scene.

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