Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth 7.7.7

The idea behind the LiveEarth concerts is quite radical. The 8 concert locations represent the continents on Planet Earth: Hamburg, New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro and London. The artistes involved range from the legendary to elite performers and freshies. Madonna did the theme song for the LiveEarth event. It's called Hey You but it's not really great.

Critics claim the concerts to be a waste of resources and hypocritical, but I disagree to some extent. It is propaganda'ish considering the target audience is _everyone_, including the very young. But I believe the young have a larger role to play than adults. Babyboomers to Generation X and Y are simply too lazy; we have lived in such procrastination and expedience for so long to get our asses on the move. That is not to say we have an excuse to shirk off all responsibilities as the exclusive species on this planet.

LP was at the Tokyo LiveEarth concert and Chester *hugs* did so well as usual ^_~

Mikey screwed up a key early :P

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