Sunday, April 29, 2007


I first saw Geecee in action in Panda's video (ZERG IT DOWN, Trance PoV). He was quite amazing. His Earthshocks were timed miracally well and he jumps on situations quickly. AFAIK he's commonly rated the no.1 Elemental shaman on NA. I wasn't superbly impressed by him in today's 2v2. Nerfette and I teamed up for 2v2. Like wow, he's actually still interested in the game. We don't work very well, we just do what we normally do in BGs. It's quite miraculous that we even won a game, or 3 in fact. We lost up to 6 games though, 1 game I slipped a finger and DS'ed before a fight. My g-spot is quite sensitive.

The last game was fascinating. I faked 2 counterspells and 3-4 earthshocks. Geecee made some errors though, he Frost shocked too often and left it open for me to heal. 3/3 Blessed Life and 9.8k unbuffed health helped A LOT.

I'm really looking forward to possibly getting 2.2k rating for 2v2 though. I think I've been underperforming, at least score-wise.

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