Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Touching Video

My English class teacher in Sec 3 recently linked me a video. The video is about a student-teacher relationship, it is however a bit lengthy. Watch it here. It's particularly interesting for me because both my parents are in the field of education and both have had taught for 30 years. But to be honest, I don't know if they've had such pupils, but it would be surprising. My parents are usually cold, but I assume they're different at the working place.

I don't recall having met a teacher who has helped me a lot. Most have been decent, except for a few. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I still have something against Jean Winter. She taught me in the first 3 months of JC and she annoyed me a lot. A lot of girls envy her. I'm not surprised. She's from a very rich family, and was engaged (married and probably a mother now) to an Irish expat. A lot of girls disliked her as well. *hint* *hint* Cheryl Joyce Sophia.

I cried while arguing with her once. It was embarrassing but I think it was justified. She said on day 1 that students either loved or hated her. It didn't take me long to find which side I was on. I skipped school a lot in the first 3 months, well duh. She SMSed me a lot to come to school, like f*cking leave me alone. She didn't try to understand why her students were skipping class. I know where she's coming from, but it's just retarded. Or at least, that was what I thought.

One day, someone told me Jean Yeow (Winter) appeared on the papers. I couldn't find the papers so I tried to Google the article. Instead, I found an entry on a Junior College Guide. The entry says:

"How can we forget Jean Yeow? Thank Goodness this is her last year in CJ... Married some ang moh... now she's Mrs Winters.. whatever la.. always flaunting her diamond rings.. talking bout her husband.. "Oh you know.. Andrew and I are setting up a teak business.. but i know nothing about teak.." ladida... always cant wait for her weak history students to leave the college. "You know.. Its for your own GOOD!" like yeah.. of course.."

She said nearly the exact same thing to me. That is, she asked me if I wanted to withdraw from college because I didn't seem interested. That was such an insult. I didn't know what to say. I wish I was violent. It was dumb because I was one of the stronger history students she had. Obviously, she didn't think I got those scores because of hard work, but because I was typically better at writing. That's why she was mean to me, I guess. I remember during a walk in the outdoor camp, she asked the bunch of us what subjects we were stronger in. Kai said he was stronger in lit, he was good at everything anyway. Jean Winter asked me whether I thought I was, I said I wasn't that good, and she paused a bit and said, "Oh, I thought lit was your forte." Is she trying to imply that I'm not good in history? That was my first interpretation.

Anyway, after the probation ended, I continued staying on in CJ. I remember Joyce skipping a few days of lessons and Mrs. Winter called her via cell phone during class. I tried to SMS her to not pick up the phone. But she did anyway and Mrs. Winter went out of the classroom and talked privately to her. Joyce later told me that Mrs. Winter threatened to withdraw her out of probation. That's just f*cked up.

I understand her intentions but the approach is not tactful at all.

I haven't had a super teacher before. I don't think I need one. I thought Jeanie Ang (my sec 3/4 lit teacher) was quite good. She was focused and tried to keep us concentrating, but not through mean ways. She made futile attempts to split me and Jacob though lol.


Mattamune said...

I was first 3 months in CJ too. Got this fuped ang moh tutor teaching literature. Hated him, if I ever hated someone.

Hehe, I'm luckier. Met this superb GP tutor in NYJC... been like 7 years and I can still remember him. Because we used to play pool almost every weekend. Lol.

Leon said...

Oh was just reading archives and saw this reply. Could this ang moh be Mr Fahey? I actually thought he was quite good, but his voice had this migraine-causing low freq tone. He was quite eccentric too lol.