Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mt. Hyjal

A GM spawned the first boss in the Mt. Hyjal event for a PUG on PTR. The first boss is Rage Winterchill, aka the Blood Lich. Some players have lamented on the fact that Rage Winterchill should have red bones - like the one portrayed in the WC3 campaign. He currently looks like a regular Lich (screenshot here). They wiped at 87%, but it was unanimously decided upon that the cause of wipe was the lolspawnfest, which they were obviously not expecting. I bet the GM was laughing his ass off. Some of the raid members have commented on WoR forums that the fight felt relatively easy; aside from the spawnfest which caused a very swift wipe.

The screenshots of Mt. Hyjal look insane. Hyjal is really quite breath-taking. Blizzard literally slapped the single-player campaign onto WoW, and it looks like they did one heck of a job. Hyjal is a damn good reason why Blizzard deserves your 15 bucks a month. But then again, I'm going to assume only the very top-end guilds will even reach Hyjal. 99% probably wouldn't. It's going to be quite disappointing if I miss Archimonde; I already missed Kel'Thuzad.

I'm downloading the Hyjal Exploration video from filefront atm. (Note: this isn't one of the zonestepping ones)


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