Friday, April 27, 2007


It's been roughly 2.5 years since my Paladin was created (Leonardo on US.Blackrock). I have been heavily criticized for not wanting to play another high level toon, but it's just me. I don't seem to enjoy other classes. I remember 2 years ago I asked a fellow guildmate Etoh why he rolled a Priest. He said that he didn't trust anyone else to heal him. I think I'm beginning to adopt that stance.

An old friend came to my house the other day and I introduced him to WoW. I'm sure I don't stand alone here, but I have plenty of friends whom just have something against WoW despite ever having playing it, and this guy was that. He asked for a /played check; it was quite embarassing to say the least and I hate to say it, but I do have 244 days played. Let's do the math:

I started my Paladin on 26rd November 2004, yes I remember the date exactly. I got the game 3 days late since I didn't order it from an international courier company. So it's been roughly 913 days. 244/913 is roughly 26%. Woo 6.5 hours a day on average.

I play a lot, and I have a certain amount of pride in doing so. I never got Grand Marshal - it wasn't possible then as I had 8 hours of classes on weekdays. But I have to admit I enjoy flaunting my 127k lifetime kills, although it is quite meaningless.

Recently, my classmates managed to grab hold of Dark Messiah: Might and Magic. It was a pretty good FPS-style RPG. A classmate Andre said it was too linear, that's a good description of it. You follow a static storyline and explore/gib in that direction. What I enjoyed in the game was the FPS-like physics and especially the variation of specs (although the trees were short). Some of my classmates went the assassin route (archery/backstab), others went mage (staffing/magic). I went what I call the way of the Paladin. High melee damage, ability to heal, and mana regeneration. See what I mean?

If you haven't caught it, illumination was changed to 60% mana gained on the latest PTR push. I have yet to establish a rant about that, but expect one.

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