Saturday, April 28, 2007

Arena Tournament Drama

Blizzard got themselves into a bit of trouble lately. Apparently they have made errors in the selections for tournament qualifiers. I'm sure you're aware of the sponsored groups on Bloodlust (BG9) - PowerTrip and ZERG IT DOWN. You've probably downloaded their PvP vids as well. Well, ZERG IT DOWN dropped to 5th shortly before the stated time for selection. By right, the top 3 teams should have been selected. However, ZERG IT DOWN was chosen instead of #3 and #4. I hope impartiality wasn't involved in this.

Aside from that, #3 happens to be a team fielded by Vicious Cycle. Vicious Cycle was an Alliance guild on Frostmane that had dozens of Grand Marshals. They rerolled Horde and is now in Ner'zhul. They have been a powerhouse guild since Shadowbane. I'm kinda waiting to see what kind of drama they can come up with. Ha.

All my sources suggest that PowerTrip is currently no.1. Reznap said "The only real competition atm I think is FGJ." FGJ (For Great Justice) is the main group fielded by The Fighting Mongooses, and is sponsored by Enervate Gaming.

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