Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ming's 1v1 Compilation

It's not released, yet. But I'll be sure to download it. I'm not a fanboy of Ming or anything, but he's quite an inspiration; at least from an ex-dueller's PoV. I love duelling, in the past. Paladins are just a bit too single-dimensional now. I find more joy trying to live as long as I can in duels, but that isn't going to really help me kill the enemy. A lot of mana is required to kill anything; your only bet is to make them run OOM if they even have a mana pool. The reason for this is simple, Paladin DPS is extremely mana inefficient and not forgetting it's presumably low, and this leads to another problem. That is, you will be outDPSed and will have to heal, draining even more mana. So even fighting MS Warriors who have little to no experience duelling Paladins, you will find yourself running OOM relatively fast, unless he's that badly geared.

The compilation should be very good. Most fights show top-notch duellers, although in the past Ming has produced videos where mistakes were made when they shouldn't have (hint Nitrana vs Geecee).

I caught an interesting comment:

"The developers for Warhammer Online have learned from this mistake and have (so far) not included stealth in their game. Stealth classes seem to be the hardest to balance because they are so situational, it’s best not to even bother."

(source: here)

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