Tuesday, May 1, 2007

WoW Tournament Feedback

Response has been nothing more than negative. The idea was good, and WoW Arena has a lot of potential to become a WCG title, but Blizzard has done a really poor job in disseminating information and controlling their plan.

Team.Pandemic has been constantly complaining about the hour-long queues. This is happening for very obvious reasons. Most of the teams don't belong to the same time zones, and on top of that, some of the teams are deliberately avoiding the queuing hours of the 'better teams'. It's quite a joke at the moment. No.8 on the US board has a rating of 1500, because they haven't played a game. Sck summed it up nicely:

"what did you do to prepare in the 2nd stage qualifiers to get here?"
"well we kinda just made a team and logged off"

Of the nearly 40 teams that were chosen, more than half are not competing for various reasons. The top reason being 1 main member being unable to compete because of their nationality. Apparently some are not playing because they're just not good enough to compete, despite being the best in their Battlegroup. This is just the American side of things though. The Europeans don't even know how many teams there are because the Armory site for wow-europe.com isn't even being updated.

I read an interview SK-gaming had with Mackelina (Paladin) from Curse's Arena team, Log. She said that there are nearly no hunters playing on the top EU teams. I find that hard to believe. Scorpid might give them a really warm welcoming lol.

Top-8 EU teams by rating according to Mackelina:

1. Feel the Pain
2. Warders
3. Millenium
4. Log
5. Les Pores
6. Deathwing
7. Nashwan
8. Knockout

(as of 30/4/07)

Basically, most of the participants are unhappy with how the arena tournament has been unfolding. They want to be heard, but Blizzard is neither listening nor requesting feedback. Perhaps they realize it is helpless to do anything at this point in time.

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