Friday, May 11, 2007

Am I Unfilial?

Lately, I've been troubled with turmoil in the house. I have expected a divorce between my parents but it's looming closer than ever. The mistrusts have emboldened their actions and thoughts, and it could only get worse.

Even though I may be a participant in this ongoing drama, I've been thinking whether I could wash my hands off everything. It's quite unfortunate that I'm still young and financially dependant, but as an asian living in a pro-conservative society, independence is seemingly hard to pursue and is sometimes seen as a detrimental decision. I've been dodging relatives for quite a while now, and I plan to continue doing so, not because I'm anti-social (in a way yes) but they're not people I could relate to or work with.

I find it highly unusual that my mum assumes that her 3 sons are against polygamous behaviour. I certainly don't. I doubt my brothers do. Gone are the days of strict doctrine and ethical prologues. I asked myself whether I was a 'heretic' for thinking in this manner. Barely. Marriage is indeed, or was, a social contract in the late 20th century, but this is changing. I think this is why I feel that polygamy is justifiable - I just don't believe in marriage or family. My Soul just seems too important to me.

It's a simple equation. You sign the contract, you wait for it to expire, or of course you can choose to terminate it. I guess it's the latter right now. So it bewilders me that anyone is interested in signing such a contract. I believe that the post-war American dream can be fulfilling, but a dream is barely a tangible rationale for a supposedly eternal bonding.

But of course, the person who is hurt the most would be my mum. But this is reality, and I've been brazen to be utterly remorseless in this case. She was to me ever since a kid, and it's natural that such has been characterized in me.

The grand truth is, Feminism does not work with Secularity or Modernism.

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