Monday, May 7, 2007

Top 10 Most Famous WoW Players

For whatever reason my Create and Edit sections are broken. So I'm typing from a little box that I'm not sure will display any text when I click submit. Luckily, the most wonderful tool in Word Processing, Notepad, exists. I use Notepad so often, I had over 800 txt files in a dedicated .txt folder containing theorycraft, lists, assignments, notes, addresses, phone numbers, account passwords and what not, but they all died in a harddrive crash FUCK. Anyway, I just thought whether I could come up with a list of the Top 10 Most Famous WoW Players.

I don't think I can do a near-perfect list right now because sitting on my taskbar is a Design Proposal in Microsoft Word due in erm, 10 hours. I have barely finished it which means I can't print it, which means I can't bind it. Noes. Anyway gonna give this a go.

10. "Stian" - Legendary Grand Marshal druid who tried so dearly hard to prove Druids could DPS with Starfire. Absolutely corny, and a wonderfully tragic attempt in doing so.

9. "Pat" - How can you not have watched his terrifying AB rampage, and massive exploitation of MS+DW. Oh wait why did Blizzard think having DW as heavy Arms is balanced...

8. "Drakedog" - One of the earliest Koreans to create PvP videos. At that point in time "Eos" seemed to be his American nemesis, but Eos was soon eclipsed by Asian pryde and Drakedog's amazing emo stunt. I wonder if it's an Asian thing.. Jet Li lol

7. "Faxmonkey" - Possibly the most famous Mage in World of Warcraft. And he's a trollol. He created several entertaining videos showcasing how a trick-master enjoys the game in exotic fashion.

6. Teza - You might not know the name but Teza was the admin of the WoW portal on and is the current Administrator and Reporter of

5. "Kungen"/"Awake" - Their recent spammage of world-first videos probably showed the worldwide hunger for sheer supremacy. I noticed Kungen's Armory profile getting referenced a lot on WoW forums.

4. "Fanatik" - I think he deserved his ban but I don't think he cares or not, he should have expected it, but he just loves what he does, that is, providing the WoW community with absolutely horrendous WoW graphics.

3. "Ming" - Most can't stop but hate him. I like his theorycraft but it's almost always duelistic in nature. His campaign as the Protector of rogues sounds very cheesy, but I would personally like to know how many hits his blog receives lol. Oh his recent video (that I posted about earlier) received nearly 25k downloads in a couple of days on

2. Team.Pandemic - Sck's video surely received tens and thousands of downloads worldwide. The video was the first so-called perspective of a Pro team, so it was a milestone. Having being regarded as the Number 1 team in World Of Warcraft and then securing the WSVG gold, places them at position 1, er 2.

1. Leeroy Jenkins - I really didn't think he was funny but if you do not already know, his video received 1.5million downloads from alone. I guess being completely retarded is not always retarded kek


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I am not on their leo. It's incorrect !~

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