Monday, May 14, 2007

Deal or No Deal

I watched the premiere of Deal or no Deal yesterday. FYI, it's being show on Channel 5 every Sunday 8:30-9:30pm. I'm aware of the various international versions of the show (up to 25), and this goes to show that Singapore just isn't original. It's quite sad, but the only original gameshow we had (i think) was The Pyramid Game back in the late 90s hosted by Benedict Goh and then Darren David.

Deal or no Deal is a game very much based on probability. What happens is that there are many static prize money rewards that are hidden in suitcases at the beginning of the show. These rewards range from 5, 10, 15... 50... 75... 100... 500... 1000... 5000... 150k... and then the top prize of 250k. So what happens is that the Player will be offered an exclusive amount of cash before he gets to decide "Deal" or "No Deal". This exclusive offer is made from the HQ, which is then directed through a "phone call" to the host of the show, in this case Adrian Pang. Then, the host will tell the player how much money the HQ has offered, and the player has to say "Deal" or "No Deal". When the player says "No Deal", he gets to unveil 2 suitcases. The catch is, the prize money in the suitcase is eliminated from the game when unveiled, so you do not want to open the big rewards. If the player decides to "Deal" instead, he gets the offered cash.

The game is essentially a numbers game. The great thing is, you will definitely win something.

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