Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fnatic Trashtalking

Yep it has started sooner than expected. Classic trash-talking on the first day of the first ever WoW tournament.

Ingarv from Fnatic said in an interview with Sam Lingle of AMPEDSports: "I really don't think there was anything special about playing them. I thought they were going to be way better than they were because they've played a lot more than us." I'm not too sure whether it's a deliberate taunt to psych Pandemic up, or whether Pandemic really did play not as well. It could be both possibilities because Kinnt is playing a secondary class of his choice - Paladin instead of Priest.

Pandemic is pulling off a Warrior-Mage-Paladin combo, not much a surprise because 3 other top ladder teams in the competition are using the same setup. There is however, a Chinese team playing a Warrior-Paladin-Hunter setup (team "Extra Order"). The Chinese team that plays a Paladin-Priest-Warlock has lost out of the competition.

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