Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This is a new issue raised on BG9 IRC. The top arena groups are unhappy with the fact that arena strats are easily duplicated, so some are beginning to use play style as a gauge to a group's PVP superiority. I don't know yet if I should take sides. There is a point in the cries; but really, you can only go | | that far to duplicate an entire playing strategy.

Generally, groups that play very unconventional set-ups are mocked at and are washed off the radar screen. This is changing.

I believe it has something greatly to do with the release of Sck's video. Many teams are duplicating PowerTrip's set-up, and are pre-conditioned to believe that their set-up works. I hope I'm not saying this as a preconceived notion, but yeh their group set-up is clearly one of the best, if not the best. But of course, set-up =! play-style, but it's technically a starting-step.

How far can you go to being individualistic? You can be quite crazy. Fix Your Game for example uses lock sp priest sham mage. In Sck's vid, Noktyn was burned heavy, but he managed to stay up, partly because Bhaltayr used his spellock too early on Sck. I'm not too sure what happened to Croissant's. Burning the warrior down is becoming a norm for non-warrior groups as well.

Millenium started off the arena tournament with well, a moonkin. I'm not too sure if they were serious about that set-up; it could have been a well-coordinated publicity stunt. Anyhow, they actually won many games.

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