Tuesday, May 1, 2007

LIVE Coverage of WSVG

* Steve from AMP has said on ventrilo that WoW might not be played live at all. I'm sure the clips would be be available for view soon though.

Right now, the information I have confirms that Noktyn, Vhell and Ecilam are in Wuhan. I assume Kintt is with them as well. Sck and Reznap however are absent from this event.

Some interesting facts that Vhell has related on IRC:
* This is the first time WoW is being linked up on LAN (for competition)
* No custom UI is allowed, you can see a screenshot of his UI here
* The gear provided is pre-inputted and comes with no gems or enchants

The WoW games are scheduled to start at 2am (+0 GMT). So make sure you get http://download.pplive.com/pplivesetup(1.6.28).exe installed. It should be malware-free and hopefully will provide live pictures as you desire. As far as I know, the commentary will be purely in Mandarin and no translation will be provided.

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