Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spiderman 3

I didn't find the storyline good. It was too cliche for the most part. Romance, betrayal, hatred, jealousy, etc, 12 Monkeys anyone? The action was fine but I just dislike people being invincible.

From a 3D artist point of view, the movie was well-done. Sandman was very interesting, but underwhelming. He asif had a 30 second cooldown per action. He did activate a combo on Spidey but not without help lol. Venom was erm, hiding all the time?

What cuts me most is the I-love-you-but-now-I-dont storyline. It just engulfed the show pretty much. The scriptwriter probably wanted to elucidate the trueness of love through the setting of the Spiderman series, but bleh. The selective nature of love was also kinda implied from the death of Harry.

The script goes to some lengths to show that even superheroes are nurtured, not created. When Parker's professor (Lizardman) gave a description of what the Alien substance was, he said something like 'a symbiotic organism' that amplifies the characteristics of the main body. While doing so, Parker was on the phone flirting with Ursula and was indifferent. The irony is weak but it's there. Ursula and her father? (Parker's landlord) are Russian, so some form of Communist deliberation can be seen here.

If you didn't know, Spiderman's suit is meant to be a literal representation of the American Flag. The comic series is supposed to reflect American heroism and patriotism (Superman as well). Many of these comics were created during the Cold War. There were a few subliminal amplifications that I managed to catch. One was when Spiderman was on his way to rescue MJ when she was stuck in a car tangled in Venom's web. He jumped pass a huge American flag that covered up the entire cinematic screen, patriotism ftl?

Another interesting message was when Peter Parker's work rival spawned as Venom. He was praying for vengeance when literally, the Anti-Christ was born... and guess which hero gets to kill Anti-Christ >_>

Rating: 5.5/10


Anonymous said...

You are confusing Spiderman with Captin America again. I mean come on he had a shield and everything and he fought the nazi's yeah and some guy with a red scull.

Alandalf said...

wow are you some kind of a professional movie critic?

empathogen said...

zzz i was hoping for big things from spidey3 this weekend ._. ill tell you what i think on sunday or whenever we go see it

empathogen said...

ok, so people on the whole seem to have issues with spiderman jumping in front of the american flag as some kind of pseudo-patriotic visual emblem permeating the rest of the film. problem with this is that it takes the symbolism out of context - receiving the key to the city, the american flag, being kissed by gwen stacy; the 'hero' that the public see in spiderman forms the embryo stage of the pride which the venom symbiote later feeds from and amplifies in peter parker's life (the 'emo' phase)

a lot of people have problems with the 'emo' peter as well, i think this is simply sam raimi doing what he does best - cheesing it up for cult effect. other examples are the maitre'd scene, and the vox pops from spiderman 1. it's a director's style that won't fit well with everyone, but i don't think there was anything inherently wrong with it.