Saturday, May 19, 2007

Masonic Nepotism

The news has been emphasizing on the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz. There is a great deal of implication in this matter, because the President of the United States, that is, George Bush, will have to nominate a candidate to replace Wolfowitz. Historically speaking the Presidents of the World Bank have been American, but there is a possibility that that might just change this time round. Believe it or not, some very reliable sources have suggested that Tony Blair might be taking the position. Fantastic. As far as we know, Wolfowitz contributed significantly to the blueprints of the Iraq War in 2003.

It wouldn't be surprising if members of the public begin to scream conspiracy. But if you look at it, Blair did receive high honors from the public while stepping down as Prime Minister, and surely the public can't back on that if Blair became President of the World Bank? It also seems surgically planned, especially after you re-look at some of the things George Bush has said about Blair's terms in office.


empathogen said...

quick, go get your tin foil hat -.-

Julzy said...

lol giles?